Frequently Asked Questions


Our tours must be booked online, directly through R&T Tours.  We are open Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, when our sales staff will be happy to discuss your requirements, but all bookings must be made online.

Bookings can be made at a time that suits you and you can pay your deposit by debit/credit card using our secure internet connection at


We do not accept tournament entry only teams. All persons on your tour must be booked into R&T Tours accommodation. Any individuals who book their own accommodation elsewhere will be unable to participate.

For UK tours, children are classed as 12 or under and adults are classed as 13 and above.  The exception to this is Blackpool where children are 15 or under and adults are 16 and above.

For European tours children are age 12 and under and adults are 13 and above.

The child/adult ratio mentioned above is relevant for meal plans only and is not an indication that age 13 and above are classed as responsible adults in accommodation. Please note due to health and safety there must be a responsible adult of age 21 or above in all rooms. 

We provide coach and ferry transportation from your local area to your European Resort for tours to France, Belgium, Belgium and Holland.  The coach stays with you for your entire trip and takes you to and from your football fixtures.

For tours to Spain and Italy, you arrange flights from your area to suit your party and we arrange a coach to pick you up from your destination airport and take you to your accommodation and fixtures, and transport you back to your European airport.

Group Leaders can make amendments to bookings at any time until 10 weeks prior to the tour start.  Up to 10 weeks prior to your tour any reduction in numbers will result in a loss of deposit of £40 per person for UK bookings and £50 per person for European bookings.  Amendments may be made online only in Manage my Booking:

We cannot accept changes to your booking after the 10 week cut off point, at which point full payment is required and is non-refundable.

We would suggest that insurance is arranged by you to cover your time on tour.   R&T Tours do not arrange Insurance Cover.

We do not accept dogs in the accommodation at any of our UK tournaments, regardless of whether your holiday park or hotel usually accepts pets.  We do not allow dogs at the football grounds, but if it is a public facility there may be local residents with dogs.


Please check the table below to ensure that your team has been entered into the correct age group. 

Teams from visiting FA's (for instance SYFA, SWEA, FAW, FAI, NIBFA, IOM) may have a different qualiying date in their own league as dates often run January to January in other FAs.  It is sometime necessary therefore for teams to play up one age group.  The list below should help you decide which competition to enter your team into.  If you have any queries regarding the age group you have entered please contact us on 01268 564 222 or email

Under 7 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2016 - 5v5

Under 8 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2015 - 5v5

Under 9 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2014 - 7v7

Under 10 Boys/Mixed/Girls Born on/after 1st Sept 2013 - 7v7

Under 11 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2012 - 9v9

Under 11 Girls Born on/after 1st Sept 2012 - 7v7 or 9v9*

Under 12 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2011 - 9v9

Under 12 Girls Born on/after 1st Sept 2011 - 7v7 or 9v9*

Under 13 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2010 - 11v11*

Under 13 Girls Born on/after 1st Sept 2010 - 9v9 or 11v11*

Under 14 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2009 - 9v9 or 11v11*

Under 14 Girls Born on/after 1st Sept 2009 - 9v9 or 11v11*

Under 15 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2008 - 11v11

Under 15 Girls Born on/after 1st Sept 2008 - 11v11*

Under 16 Boys/Mixed Born on/after 1st Sept 2007 - 11v11

Under 16 Girls Born on/after 1st Sept 2007 - 11v11*

*Some tournaments have 9v9 events for U13 and U14 boys.  Girls format can vary at each event - please check the individual tournament page for playing formats.

We do not routinely check every players age. In the event of the identity and/or age of a player being challenged during the tournament by any interested party, it will be the sole responsibility of the team manager to supply any ONE of the following documents as proof of the player’s identity and/or age to the Tournament Director for checking.

1) The original of the Official League Identification Card, which must incorporate a colour photograph of the player concerned.

2) Copy of the player’s personal passport, which clearly shows an identifiable photograph of the player concerned.

3)  Original or copy of any other document which shows the players photo and age.

4). In exceptional circumstances, if a player does not hold a passport, or the League Cards do not have photographs, you may use a photograph of the player and the reverse of a photograph must show the players name and date of birth and be signed by the Club Secretary of your team to confirm that the photograph is a correct likeness of the player concerned and that the date of birth is verified as true and accurate.

In the event of a failure to produce the required proof during the event, all points awarded during the competition will become null and void.

Football schedules, location of pitches, and all tournament information will be displayed on our score centre approximately 7 days prior to the start of the tournament. It is extremely important to check this information beforehand.

Our UK events are for YOUTH or GIRLS and vary at each event.  Please check the individual Pricing and Information on the tournament pages of our website. All YOUTH events can be Boys only or Mixed.  GIRLS teams are for girls only.


We will provide qualified referees throughout the competition, as well as qualified assistant referees for the finals. You will therefore be asked to put forward a volunteer assistant referee for the early round matches.

R&T Tours supply quality footballs of the appropriate size for your age group for all matches.  We would suggest you also bring your own footballs for warm up and practice.

We use size 3 balls for U7 to U10, Size 4 balls for U11 to U14 and size 5 balls for U15 and U16 at our tournaments.

In order to qualify your team must be affiliated to a County or Schools FA. We DO NOT allow Representative, Football Academy, or Schools of Excellence teams to enter. However, individual players from such teams are allowed as 'guest players' within teams who are eligible to enter the tournament.

We do not need to see permission from teams affiliated to the English FA.  International teams such as SYFA, FAW, FAI, NIBFA etc must ask for permission to enter our events from their own FA.  Information is available on the individual FA websites.  Please send any proof of permits to us by email to


R&T Football Tours provide mementoes for all team players who enter our UK Tournaments.

The winning team receive a quality large trophy, with individual trophies for winning players.
Runners Up receive a plate and a Runner Up medal.
The Best Sporting Team in each age group receive a trophy.

All participants that are not finalists receive a participants medal.

Please note: R&T Tours do not send medals and trophies in the post after the tournament so please make sure of your team’s representation at the presentation to collect medals. Teams that do not attend the ceremony will not receive medals, although we can hand medals to coaches at the ceremony for individual players that may not be able to attend.


We provide excellent first aid cover at all football venues using the services of organisations such as St Johns Ambulance, Red Cross or other qualified medics.

We do not supply transport at any of our UK football tournaments.  In some cases the football venues could be some distance away and in rural areas where public transport is not available.  We would strongly suggest that you have your own transportation available during your time on tour.


Although in most cases you can arrive early at your holiday park or hotel, you will not be able to gain access to your accommodation until 4pm.  Check out is 10am on departure day.

This depends on which resort you are staying at.  At some resorts you check in online and are directed straight to your accommodation on arrival.  At other resorts keys should be collected by the Group Leader and allocated to the group by them.  You will be notified by email prior to your tournament which instance applies to you.

Please nominate another group member to do so, and provide them with proof that they will be picking up the keys on your behalf.  A copy of an email sent to them by the group leader will suffice.

If however you are at a self check in resort (for instance Rockley Park) your group will be issued a check in reference for each caravan prior to your tour and families can go directly to their accommodation on arrival (from 4pm).



Every member of your party booked with R&T Tours will be allocated an R&T wristband. Persons without an R&T wristband will not be able to participate in the football tournament or attend the presentation ceremony. Wristbands will be issued to your party at the resort and cannot be purchased separately.

Please check the individual tournament pages to check whether Self Cater, Bed and Breakfast, Half Board or Full Board is supplied. 

Most holiday parks are self catering.  No meals are provided. Utensils, fridge and cooking equipment are provided in the accommodation.

If your accommodation is bed and breakfast, your first meal will be breakfast the day after arrival day and last meal is breakfast prior to departure.If your accommodation is half board, your first meal will be dinner on arrival day and last meal is breakfast on departure day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for full board resorts.  First meal will be dinner on arrival day and the last meal is breakfast on departure day.

Towels and tea towels are NOT provided at any holiday parks.

Bedlinen is provided at all holiday parks. 

Bedlinen AND towels are provided at all Hotels.

Although you can choose your standard of accommodation, you cannot choose your actual caravan or room.  Room allocations are not made by R&T Tours.  All room allocations are arranged on park and guests will be informed of their accommodation details on arrival.

Holiday parks have a variety of room sizes and types.  Some have separate bedrooms and some require the use of the pull out beds.  The maximum number of rooms available in any caravan or chalet are 3 bedrooms.

Examples of room sizes - these will vary depending on the holiday park and room type:

  • 4 bedded caravans may have 2 separate bedrooms, or 1 bedroom with pull out bed/beds in the lounge area.
  • 6 bedded caravans may have 3 separate bedrooms, or 2 bedrooms with pullout bed/beds in the lounge area.
  • 8 bedded caravans will have 3 separate bedrooms and a pullout bed/beds in the lounge area.

We do not arrange travel cot hire.

There are electric charging points at some of our accommodations.  As there are so many variations involved we would suggest you Google your accommodation provider online and check availability.